Listed Alphabetically by Title


Adoptees Come of Age : Living Within Two Families (Counseling and Pastoral Theology) by Ronald J. Nydam 

Adopting the Hurt Child; Hope for Families With Special Needs Kids by Gregory C. Keck and Regina M. Kupecky       

Adoption Is for Always by Linda Walvoord Girard, et al    

Adoption Healing ...a Path to Recovery by Joe Soll        

Adoption and Loss - The Hidden Grief  by Evelyn Burns Robinson   

Adoption and The Family System by Mariam Reitz, Kenneth Watson       

Adoption and The Jewish Family - Contemporary Perspectives by Shelley Kapnek Rosenberg        

Adoption -- How It Works by Linda Cannon Burgess    

Adoption in America Coming of Age by Hal Aigner      

Adoption Is a Family Affair! What Relatives and Friends Must Know by Patricia Irwin Johnston

Adoption Is Another Word for Love by Nancy McGuire Roche     

Adoption Kinship by H. David Kirk   

The Adoption Life Cycle: The Children and Their Families Through The Years by Elinor B. Rosenberg     

Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution Is Transforming America by Adam Pertman    

Adoption: Philosophy and Experience - A Critical, Compassionate and Inspirational Look at Many of the Assumptions of the Adoption Experience by Randolph W. Severson    

Adoption Reunion Survival Guide : Preparing Yourself for the Search, Reunion and Beyond by Julie Jarrell Bailey, Lynn N., M.A. Giddens         

Adoption Searches Made Easier by Joseph J. Culligan      

The Adoption Triangle: Sealed or Open Records - How They Affect Adoptees, Birthparents and Adoptive Parents by Arthur D. Sorosky, Rueben Pannor and Annette Baran 

Adoption Wisdom : A Guide to the Issues and Feelings of Adoption by Marlou Russell   

Adoption Without Fear by James L. Gritter        

"A" is for Adopted by Eileen Tucker Cosby     

Ambiguous Loss by Pauline Boss

An Mei's Strange and Wondrous Journey by Stephen Molnar-Fenton   

'Are Those Kids Yours?' : American Families With Children Adopted from Other Countries by Cherie Register 

The Baby Swap Conspiracy by Lorretta Schwartz-Nobel 

Becoming Patrick by Patrick McMahon

Beggars and Choosers: How the Politics of Choice Shapes Adoption, Abortion, and Welfare in the United States by Rickie Solinger 

Being Adopted : The Lifelong Search for Self by David M. Brodzinsky, Schlechter and Henig      

The Best Single Mom in the World : How I Was Adopted by Mary Zisk       

Beyond Happily Ever After by Sally McNamara  

Birthbond : Reunions Between Birthparents and Adoptees - What Happens After by  Judith H. Gediman, Joan S. Dunphy, Linda P. Brown                 

Birthmothers: Women Who Have Relinquished Babies for Adoption Tell Their Stories by Merry Bloch Jones

Birthright-The Guide to Search and Reunion for Adoptees, Birthparents and Adoptive Parents by Jean A. S. Strauss      

A Bridge Less Traveled, Twice Visited by Robert Andersen, Rhonda Tucker    

Caroline and Just Me by Caroline Garden 

Children of Open Adoption and Their Families by Kathleen Silber and Patricia Martinez Dorner          

Children's Adjustment to Adoption: Developmental and Clinical Issues by David Brodzinsky, Daniel W. Smith, and Anne Braff Brodzinsky               

Clinical and Practice Issues in Adoption by Groza & Rosenberg            

Confessions of a Lost Mother by Elisa M. Barton 

Cutoffs : How Family Members Who Sever Relationships Can Reconnect by Carol Netzer    

The Dark Side of Adoption by Mirah Riben

Dear Birthmother  by Kathleen Silber, Phylis Speedlin             

Exploring Adoptive Family Life by H. David Kirk   

Faint Trails: A Guide to Adult Adoptee-Birthparent Reunification Searches by Hal Aigner      

Family Matters : Secrecy and Disclosure in the History of Adoption by E. Wayne Carp    

The Family of Adoption by Joyce Maguire Pavao     

Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye by Lois Lowry      

Finding Family by Rick Ouston  

Foster Care Odyssey: A Black Girl's Story by Theresa Cameron

Gathering the Missing Pieces in an Adopted Life by Kay Moore       

A Ghost at Heart's Edge: Stories and Poems of Adoption by Susan Ito      

Giving Away Simone by Jan Waldron

Good Grief  by Granger Westberg     

Healing the Hole In A Heart: One Birthmother's Journey into the Adoption Triangle by Nancy Mac Isaac 

How It Feels to Be Adopted by Jill Krementz  

How To Find Almost Anyone Anywhere by Norma Mott Tillman      

How To Locate Anyone Who Is Or Has Been In The Military by Lt. Col. Richard S. Johnson     

How to Open An Adoption: A Guide for Parents and Birthparents of Minors by Patricia Martinez Dorner        

In a Country of Mothers by A. M. Homes     

Innocent Blood  by P. D. James     

In Search of Mom: Journey of an Adoptee by Michael Watson  

In the Garden of Our Own Making by Barbara Sperber 

Ithaka - A Daughter's Memoir of Being Found by Sarah Saffian   

I Would Have Searched Forever by Sandra Musser   

Joined at the Heart by Nance Vizedom   

Journey of the Adopted Self by Betty Jean Lifton

Journeys After Adoption: Understanding Lifelong Issues by Jayne E. Schooler and Betsie Norris       

The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant : An Adoption Story by Dan Savage      

Lifeline: The Action Guide to Adoption Search by Virgil L. Klunder       

The Limits of Hope: An Adoptive Mother's Story by Ann Kimble Loux         

The Lost Daughters of China : Abandoned Girls, Their Journey to America, and the Search for a Missing Past by Karin Evans and Anchee Min

Living Through Personal Crisis by Anne Kaiser Sterns

Lost and Found: The Adoption Experience by Betty Jean Lifton       

A Man and His Mother by Tim Green       

May the Circle Be Unbroken : An Intimate Journey Into the Heart of Adoption by Lynn C. Franklin and Elizabeth Ferber      

Mommie, Dearest by Christina Crawford      

Mommy Far, Mommy Near: An Adoption Story by Carol Antoinette Peacock        

Never, Never, Never Will She Stop Loving You by Jolene Durrant  

The Ocean Within by V. M. Caldwell and Erica Magnus   

Of Many Colors: Portraits of Multiracial Families by Gigi Kaeser & Peggy Gillespie   

Older Child Adoption by Grace Robinson  

The Open Adoption Experience : A Complete Guide for Adoptive and Birth Families--From Making the Decision Through the Child's Growing Years by Lois Ruskai Melina and Sharon Kaplan Roszia

The Orphan Trains: Placing Out in America by Marilyn Irvin Holt  

The Orphan Trains: The Story of Charles Loring Brace and the Children He Saved and Failed by Stephen O'Connor       

The Other Mother: A Woman's Love for the Child She Gave Up for Adoption by Carol Schaefer

Outer Search Inner Journey by Peter F. Dodds  

Out of the Shadows: Birthfather Stories by Mary Martin Mason       

Parenting Your Adopted Child by Stephanie E. Siegel, Ph. D.     

Pregant? Adoption is an Option by Jeanne Warren Lindsay

The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child by Nancy Newton Verrier         

Raising Adopted Children: Practical Reassuring Advice for Every Adoptive Parent by Lois Ruskai Melina     

Reunion: A Year in Letters Between a Birthmother and the Daughter She Couldn't Keep by Katie Hern and Ellen McGarry Carlson     

Sacred Connections : Stories of Adoption by Mary Ann Koenig and Niki Berg            

Saying Goodbye to a Baby: A Counselor's Guide to Birthparent Loss and Grief in Adoption by Patricia E. Roles       

Search: A Handbook for Adoptees and Birthparents (3rd Edition) by Jayne Askin     

Searching For a Past--The Adopted Adult's Unique Process of Finding Identity by Jayne E. Schooler       

Second Choice: Growing Up Adopted by Robert Anderson, M.D.   

Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother by Jana Wolff      

Shadow Mothers: Stories of Adoption and Reunion by Linda Back McKay        

Shadow Train: A Journey Between Relinquishment and Reunion by Patricia E. Taylor      

Shedding Light On...The Genetic Connection of Adoptees and Birthparents by Marsha Riben    

Sibling Reunions by Randolph W. Severson    

A Single Square Picture:  A Korean Adoptee's Search for Her Roots by Katy Robinson

So Here I Am But Where Did I Come From? by Mary Ruth Wotherspoon   

Soul Connection: Memoir of A Birthmother's Healing Journey by Ann H. Hughes   

The Spirit of Open Adoption by James L. Gritter       

Synchronicity and Reunion: The Genetic Connection of Adoptees and Birthparents  by La Vonne Harper Stiffler        

Talking With Young Children About Adoption by Mary Watkins and Susan Fisher     

Tell Me A Real Adoption Story by Betty Jean Lifton       

Tell Me Again: About the Night I Was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell       

This is Me - Memories to Gather and Keep by Susan L. Pierce 

To Prison with Love by Sandra Musser    

Touched by Adoption by Nancy A. Robinson       

Touched By Adoption by Blair Matthews  

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew by Sherrie Eldridge       

Twice Born: Memoirs of an Adopted Daughter by Betty Jean Lifton              

Violets Blooming in a Lake Spring Snow by Jackie Ramthum  

Wake Up Little Suzie by Ricki Solinger  

Whose Child?: An Adoptee's Healing Journey from Relinquishment through Reunion ... and Beyond  by Kasey Hamner    

Why Didn't She Keep Me? : Answers to the Question Every Adopted Child Asks by Barbara Burlingham-Brown        

Why Was I Adopted? by Carole Livingston and Arthur Robins               

Within Me, Without Me...Adoption : An Open and Shut Case? by Sue Wells       

Working With Older Adoptees: A Sourcebook of Innovative Models by Loren Coleman, et. al.  

Wrongful Adoption: Law, Policy and Practice by Madelyn Freundlich and Lisa Peterson    

Wuhu Diary: On Taking My Adopted Daughter Back to Her Hometown in China by Emily Prager