Despite the fact that they were there, many birth mothers cannot, for the life of them, remember the date of their child's birth (and many others have actually remembered the wrong date).


One of the primary reasons for this strange phenomenon is a cocktail of drugs believed to cause temporary memory loss which was involuntarily injected into many birth mothers' upper arms immediately following their child's birth. Intended to help birth mothers forget the physical and emotional pain of the surrender, these drugs often achieved their desired effect...but what birth mothers forgot varied widely from one person to the next...some forgot the date, some forgot the name of the hospital, others can't remember giving birth...and still others remember nothing at all. There are also many cases where birth siblings are searching for a birth brother or sister without a specific date of birth.


Birth parents grappling with this problem can resolve the mystery of their child's birth by signing up with the Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange. As of January 1, 2004, any birth mother who registers with the Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange can confirm her birth son or daughter's exact date of birth by simply checking the appropriate box on the Illinois Adoption Registry Application Form and completing the Registry's Medical Questionnaire. This option is available to birth fathers, as well, providing their name is listed on the original birth certificate.


If your child's birth and/or adoption took place in a state other than Illinois, or if you are a birth sibling rather than a birth parent, you may find one of the two following solutions helpful:


1. Contacting the attorney or agency that handled the adoption and asking them to confirm the adoptee's date of birth (explain that you need the information to complete state registry forms--which is probably true!). However, be forewarned that some agencies and attorneys will not help birth mothers who cannot recall their child's date of birth and rarely assist birth siblings...


2. Contacting the hospital where the birth took place and asking them to confirm your date of admission to the hospital (click here for additional info on accessing hospital records). If you are a birth sibling rather than a birth parent, and the birth parent is deceased, you may be able to obtain your mother's hospital records with the assistance of an attorney.