Scenario Three...




The adoption was handled by a private attorney, with no agency involvement, and finalized in Cook County after the late 1950s and the person searching is the adoptee or the adoptive parent.


Court Supportive Services of Cook County is one of the few (if not the only) county in Illinois that actually provides available non-identifying information to adult adoptees and their adoptive parents upon request. To qualify, the adoption must have been finalized in Cook County before the late 50s (there is scant information available for some adoptions pre-dating the late 50s, but it's the exception rather than the rule). The amount of information actually in the Court Supportive Services file varies from case to case. For additional information or to verify whether or not Court Supportive Services has a file for your or your child's adoption, adoptees and adoptive parents should contact:


Annette Schneider
Director of Court Supportive Services for Cook County
69 W. Washington St. #1630
Chicago, IL 60602


Phone: 312/603-0563


In addition, as of January 1, 2004, all Illinois adoptees, adoptive parents of minors and birth parents can confirm or ascertain the adoptee's "actual date and place of birth" through the Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange (be sure to check the appropriate boxes on the Illinois Adoption Registry Application Form). The new law also allows adoptees and adoptive parents of minors to confirm the birth mother's exact age at the time of the adoptee's birth through new Registry procedures. To download printable versions of the Illinois Adoption Registry application forms, click here.